Painting week at OCAD

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OCAD hosted its annual Painting Week last week. I was very excited to have the opportunity to paint the figure on a daily basis even if only for a week — I never get to paint the figure with my Humber teaching schedule. If I could afford it and if I had the time, I would only paint figures — it truly is my passion.

I forced myself not to paint a portrait. I usually spend too much time on the head and then miss out on painting the body. Nonetheless, I could not let it go and did work out her big proportions and got a ghostly likeness there. I also tried to resist fussing with the paint. Another painting done this week lost its freshness as I tried to polish and smooth out all the paint brush strokes. I need to learn to just let it be!

Here is one of the paintings I did last week. It’s a 6h painting of Kit.


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