Colonel Danforth Park again!

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This is another painting from the Colonel Danforth Park. This time, two trees with lots of character which presented the very big challenge of having LOTS of small barely visible branches.

When Don, John and I went out to paint last Fall, we thought it would be warm because the sun was out. What I’ve come to realize but didn’t know then, Colonel Danforth Park is often very windy. On that day, the wind was cold and cutting through our clothes. I was freezing and shaking and had stupidly chosen a spot in the shade. I was the first to give up after my first lay-in. John was in the sun and lasted a bit longer. He managed to complete a quick 1h sketch of Highland Creek (nice one too!). Don, also in the sun, was determined to paint his trees which he had started on a previous outing. He toughed it out the longest at 1.5h. By the time he gave in, he couldn’t feel his fingers anymore.

We jumped into his car and headed to Tim Horton’s for a hot chocolate!

In any case, I had worked out my colour scheme and taken photos. I did this one at home, trying to maintain the feeling of an alla-prima painting though it’s not. I consulted Kevin McPherson’s work for how to do the branches.

Trees in the Park

Trees in the Park
oil on board

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