Denise and Sara

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I went to the TSA as in most Sundays. For the long pose, I drew Sara. I used black and red pencil on Duotone paper.


For the short poses, I drew Denise. Here are drawings varying from 1-10 minutes.

l_denise4 l_denise3 l_denise2 l_denise

Life Drawing

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I went to OCAD’s open life drawing last night. I don’t know the model’s name — she wasn’t very good, taking repetitive and boring poses. Plus she was restless, looking at her watch and glancing about. And there were so many pillows on the stage, that anytime she sat, which was often, half her lower body would be hidden. I couldn’t see her feet for most standing poses. Feel my irritation.

Perhaps not surprisingly, my best drawings tend to come from models who’s poses or body types are challenging, probably because they demand my full attention. I suppose the model last night provided a different challenge — that of transforming the dreary and dull into beauty and motion. I’ll keep that in mind next time!

For two poses where she sat in a chair, she projected an intimidating air of authority (emphasized by our lower point of view). I tried to capture that in the middle drawing.

I didn’t record the times because I was listening to my mp3 player.

l_unknown5 l_unknown4 l_unknown3 l_unknown2 l_unknown

Unicycle painter

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I just had to post a link to yesterday’s blog entry by James Gurney. It is really funny.

First OCAD Session of the Term

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I went to OCAD last night for their first open life drawing session of the term. Phlip was the model.

Here are a few drawings (1, 5, 5, 20, 25 min).

l_phlip5 l_phlip6 l_phlip7 l_phlip8 l_phlip9

Shona at the TSA

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Shona is a new model who did a fantastic job. Great poses! Yet, I didn’t have a particularly great drawing day today, but here are a few of my better ones. I didn’t attend the long pose this afternoon.

l_shauna1 l_shauna2 l_shauna3

Back to it

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I haven’t done enough life drawing this Summer. But as the school year begins, off I go to practice what I teach. It was a pleasure to be at the TSA today because my favourite model, Murray, was working.

Here are a few drawings (10-20min) from this morning, plus the long pose from this afternoon.


l_murrary_19 l_murray_17 l_murray_18