Recent figure drawing

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Now in Ottawa, I’m excited to have found the The Drawing Room Studio. Sarah Lacy, the artist who runs the studio, is a classically trained artist. This translates into wonderful long poses with good lighting, and well planned easel and chair spacing so that everyone can see the model.

Though I would love to attend every session, weekend “family-time” prevents me from doing so. Nonetheless, here are some of my drawings from those poses.

charcoal drawing

I completed this drawing in charcoal on the Saturday

oil painting

… and this painting on the Sunday, my first figure painting in a LONG time!

charcoal drawing

Completed this portrait in charcoal on the Saturday

charcoal drawing

… and this figure on the Sunday, of the same pose.

charcoal drawing

And not from life, but from a photo, this is a sketch of my son, for a possible upcoming drawing and/or painting.

Group Exhibit in Toronto

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I made it into the 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, DRAWING 2017 at the John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto. I have submitted a large landscape drawing this time, which is unusual for me. In fact, it’s my first major landscape drawing, and it’s a study for a painting.

After moving recently to a neighbourhood in Ottawa near a conservation area, I enjoyed observing the transformation of the landscape from Fall to Winter. What caught my eye, in particular, was a group of cattails so tall that they obstructed the view of the small lake behind them. In the Fall they danced freely in the wind. But in the Winter, blankets of heavy snow stilled their movement creating a wonderful quietude. It is this wintry suspended stillness that I have attempted to capture in this drawing by contrasting the angular stalks with the soft snow.

Cattails in Snow

Cattails in Snow
charcoal on paper
50 cm x 70 cm

Group Show

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The drawing of my infant son will be in the upcoming Drawing 2016 Annual Juried Exhibition at the John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto. I’d love to see you at the opening!

John B Aird Gallery Drawing 2016

I Am Here, charcoal drawing

“I Am Here!”
charcoal on paper

Latest drawing, Upcoming Show

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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to update my blog. I have been drawing and painting but did not have the time to photograph my work.

In the last month, I’ve been working on a portrait of my son. I certainly chose a difficult project — I used five different photos to compose the gesture and expression, each of which had a different light source and captured Raphaël at a different age. Those legs go from skinny to plump incredibly fast within the first few months!

Though it’s a portrait of him as an infant, I wanted to capture his personality as it is expressed at his current preschool age. Moreover, I aimed to portray the exuberance of life slightly coloured by a fear of the unknown and new. I think it turned out well in spite of all these challenges.

I Am Here charcoal drawing

“I Am Here!
charcoal on paper

You can see this portrait of my son in the upcoming Interact Juried Art Salon at the Tett Centre in Kingston, Ontario. The exhibit opens May 21st at 7:00PM and closes June 26th.


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Winter has arrived to Edmonton. You should see how much snow we have already! It inspired me to draw chickadees. Here are my first two.

Chickadee 2


Chickadee 1

A few 20 min life drawings from earlier this year.

img_3382 CRW_4858 andrea

Three Drawings in a Show

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I will try to photograph some of my recent gesture drawings and post them soon.

In the meantime, here are three 3h poses completed from life recently. The bottom two are in the 21st Annual Naked Exhibit currently being held at Harcourt house, along with a 20 min drawing that I forgot to photograph before the show. The top drawing was completed after the submission deadline, so perhaps it will make it into next year’s exhibit.


The Young Artist SOLD

Woman I SOLD

Short poses from the Spring

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I hadn’t been drawing for over a year, so the blog was quiet. My husband and I moved to Edmonton last June (he’s the new Composer-in-Residence for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra) and I had a baby in August.

11 months

There are few opportunities to practice life drawing in Edmonton. In the Spring however, The Harcourt House held a session on Monday afternoons which was perfect. Rob stayed home with the baby and I went to draw for the first time in over a year.

I was VERY rusty, but here are some of the better drawings from the few sessions I attended. Poses are from 1 to 20 minutes.

Kingston Prize

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My drawing of Kevin, Steady Gaze, is a finalist in the Kingston Prize for Canadian Portraiture! The exhibit will travel to three cities and will be in Toronto at the Institute for Contemporary Culture, Royal Ontario Museum, November 10, 2011 – January 29, 2012.


Steady Gaze
charcoal on paper

John B. Aird Gallery 2011 Drawing Exhibition

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I just received the news that my drawing, Steady Gaze, was selected for the 12th annual juried exhibition of drawings being held at the John B. Aird Gallery in February.


Steady Gaze
charcoal on paper

TSA Sunday – Blairta

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Here is the drawing from the long pose on Sunday afternoon.