Recent figure drawing

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Now in Ottawa, I’m excited to have found the The Drawing Room Studio. Sarah Lacy, the artist who runs the studio, is a classically trained artist. This translates into wonderful long poses with good lighting, and well planned easel and chair spacing so that everyone can see the model.

Though I would love to attend every session, weekend “family-time” prevents me from doing so. Nonetheless, here are some of my drawings from those poses.

charcoal drawing

I completed this drawing in charcoal on the Saturday

oil painting

… and this painting on the Sunday, my first figure painting in a LONG time!

charcoal drawing

Completed this portrait in charcoal on the Saturday

charcoal drawing

… and this figure on the Sunday, of the same pose.

charcoal drawing

And not from life, but from a photo, this is a sketch of my son, for a possible upcoming drawing and/or painting.

Painting week at OCAD

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OCAD hosted its annual Painting Week last week. I was very excited to have the opportunity to paint the figure on a daily basis even if only for a week — I never get to paint the figure with my Humber teaching schedule. If I could afford it and if I had the time, I would only paint figures — it truly is my passion.

I forced myself not to paint a portrait. I usually spend too much time on the head and then miss out on painting the body. Nonetheless, I could not let it go and did work out her big proportions and got a ghostly likeness there. I also tried to resist fussing with the paint. Another painting done this week lost its freshness as I tried to polish and smooth out all the paint brush strokes. I need to learn to just let it be!

Here is one of the paintings I did last week. It’s a 6h painting of Kit.


Open life painting at the TSA

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The Toronto School of Art started hosting an open life painting session on Friday nights a couple of months ago. Because I usually paint portraits with friends on Fridays already, I haven’t been able to attend the TSA sessions. I did go for the past two weeks and it was great! The model, Ben, posed for two sessions of four hours. It was quiet, we had lots of space, and it was very collegial. I really enjoyed it. Here is the 8h painting of Ben.